Bayswater Exploration and Production LLC

is a Denver, CO based oil and gas development company that was established in 2004. The company owns and operates oil and gas properties throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Midcontinent Region, California, and the Permian Basin. Bayswater’s strategy is three-fold:

1) to acquire low risk working interests in producing oil and gas fields in North America based upon a thorough subsurface understanding of the field and a plan to redevelop and improve the field performance. Bayswater either holds the enhanced asset longer term or sells to another operator. (“New Opportunities in Old Fields”);

2) to acquire and drill low-risk non-producing acreage in repeatable, low cost, development areas (“Drilling Factory”);

3) to assemble prospective acreage positions with significant resource potential, utilizing both internal and external prospect generators and to achieve financial returns by selling those prospects to industry partners while retaining upside through over-rides and carried interests (“Prospect Generation and Sales”).

Bayswater strategically partners with various companies and individuals to effectively implement those strategies discussed above. Bayswater has a long term strategic relationship with the Blenheim Natural Resources Fund and the Blenheim Elgin Natural Resources Fund, wherein the Funds consistently take non-operated working interests in projects sourced and operated by Bayswater. Bayswater currently operates approximately 3,500 BOEPD of production, most of which is concentrated in the Wattenberg Field, DJ Basin, Colorado; and invests approximately $120 million per year in drilling and development capital. Bayswater’s team of geologists, geophysicists, engineers, landmen, operations specialists, and finance professionals have decades of experience adding value to oil and gas assets in North America.